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Conference Presentations & Invited Speaking Engagements

Urban Planning and Architectural Design for Sustainable Development 2020 5th international conference; Paper: Transformative Actions in the Boston Harbor: Lessons Learned from Past Projects towards a Resilient and Sustainable Urban Future

MIT CDD DUSP Forum 2020 Boston Resilience Panel and presentation 

Boston College 2019 Guest Lecture - Urban Design for Complexity and Sustainability 

SNEAPA 2019 P3: Climate Change Without Borders - 2019 

ABX 2019 WE34 - Transforming Boston Harbor: Resilience, Equity & Open Space - 2019 

Syracuse University school of architecture Graduate design 

Studio Julie Larsen and Matt Celmer Invited to present and lead a workshop with students on resilience in Boston September 2019 

ULI Resilience Committee

Invited to contribute to workshop ‘Living with heat’ Publication October 2019

Invited to present work on East Boston CRB April 2018 

Dutch Economic Mission + Ceantech Mission June 2019 

IWA International Water Association Empowering Future Water Leaders Conference Toronto Basins of the future panel June 2019 

Technion Faculty of Architecture and Planning Spring Semester lecture series Invited to present as part of an international lecture series June 2019 

Professional advisory group - The Boston Planning & Development Agency Resilience zoning overlay and design guidelines - March 2019 

Boston Society of Architects workshop Organized and led as part of the BSA CORE - March 2019 

MIT DUSP D-LAB: WATER, CLIMATE CHANGE & HEALTH (EC.719 (U) / EC.789) Case study presentation February 2019 

2018 Ontario Climate Symposium (Toronto) Invited to present work in collaboration with STOSS - October 2018 

Blue Month Waterfront Panel and Presentation Invited to present and speak at a panel at CBT architects June 2018 

Boston Architectural College Invited to present at Resilience in East Boston Design studio

Feb 2018 

Summer workshop organized by Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology at MIT - Invited to give a lecture July 2017 

International Urban Research - Autonoma conference in Athens, Greece Presenting MIT research work at the June 2016

Teaching and Juries



California College of the Arts

Integrated Building Design Studio Mid review- Margaret Ikeda and Evan Jones (2020)

UC Berkley College of Environmental Design

MUD thesis prep - Julia Grinkrug (2020)

Rhode Island School of Design

Introduction to exhibition design - Francesca Liuni, Adaptive Reuse studio -Jongwan Kwon (2019-2020)

Syracuse University School of Architecture

 Julie Larsen (2019)

Harvard GSD

Spaces of Solidarity Class - Malkit Shoshan (2017-2018)

University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design

Matthijs Bouw (2018)

Northeastern University The School of Architecture

Dan Adams, Garine Boghossian (2017)

Boston Architectural College

Arlen Stawasz and Tyler Hinckley; Garine Boghossian (2017-2019)

Cooper Union Architecture

Diana Agrest, Yael Agmon (2016)

Bezalel, Jerusalem Master of Urban Design Program

Urban design Studio - Els Verbakel (2016)

Jury in Technion annual architectue student competition

Uri Cohen, Gabi Schwartz (2016-2019)

Professional Committees and Public Service

Urban Land Institue, New England/Boston Climate Resiliency Committee member (current)

American Society of Adaptation Professionals - Policy Practice Group - 2020 Federal Messaging Campaign

Boston Society of Architects, Committee on Resilient Environments (CORE)

East Boston Flood Prevention Design Workshop 2018

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