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Art school TLV

Academic project, Technion 2008


Awards & Nominations

May 2009

National competition “Designs in education” Israeli Ministry of education

2nd year project, art school design chosen to be nominated to the competition by the Technion, IIT, Haifa, Israel.


The project is an elementary art school with 12 classrooms and supporting facilities in the dense heart of the white city on a deserted site with an old school building. The site connects two streets with a public passage, lowered 3 meters from the street level. The presence of open space in this urban tissue must be preserved and accessible to the residents. Schools in Israel must be surrounded with a high fence; this restriction might block access for this green space within the city. Using the existing topography allows the usage of an underground level, and allows keeping the public passage. The public passage connects two  small squares and watch from above on the introverted school yards.

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